Pettine anti pilling per maglioni in lana

How to remove dots from woolen shirt?

Wool or cashmere sweaters and accessories, although warm and comfortable, often end up with annoying balls of fabric, known as "pilling".


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But why do woolen sweaters make dots?

Here are some explanations on the reasons why pilling forms on wool, cashmere or eco cashmere sweaters :

  1. Fibre Composition: wool or cashmere sweatersare subject to pilling mainly due to the fiber structure. The natural fibers of wool, especially the more delicate and valuable ones, tend to become less compact over time. This makes pelleting more likely.
  2. Rubbing and Washing: The main cause of pilling is rubbing. When we wear a sweater or during washing, the wool or cashmere fibers rub against each other and become tangled. The tiny balls of yarn emerge from the surface of the fabric, creating the unsightly balls.
  3. Yarn Quality: Contrary to what you might think, the presence of balls is not a sign of low yarn quality. On the contrary, it often indicates the presence of a delicate and precious fibre. The finer the fiber, the more balls there will be.

How to prevent pilling from forming?

To prevent spots from forming on wool or cashmere sweaters, it is important to take care of your garments. As described in the article on the website, to prevent pilling of cashmere or wool you can follow these simple tips:

  1. Alternate the use of your wool or cashmere sweaters and leave at least a day to pass before wearing them again;
  2. Avoid friction: avoid backpacks and shoulder bags that can continuously rub certain parts of the sweater
  3. Proper washing: Turn clothes inside out when you wash them and prefer hand washing. You can find many tips on caring for wool and cashmere garments in our blog article “How to wash, dry and iron cashmere garments" .

How to remove the dots that form on the wool shirt?

To remove pills from your wool, cashmere or eco cashmere sweater you can use an anti-pilling comb , like this:

  1. Hang Out the Sweater: Place the sweater on a flat surface, such as a table or ironing board.
  2. Keep the Fabric Tight: Make sure the affected part of the sweater is taut and without wrinkles.
  3. Position the Comb: Hold the anti-pilling comb at a 90 degree angle to the fabric surface.
  4. Comb the Fabric: Using short, quick strokes, gently comb the surface of the fabric in the same direction. This way, you will remove the balls without damaging the sweater.
  5. Collect the Balls: Once you have accumulated a pile of balls, use tape to remove them from the fabric. Wrap a large ring of tape around your fingers (sticky side out) to lift the balls.
  6. Use a Quality Comb: Make sure you use an anti-pilling comb specifically designed for this purpose. Its teeth are smaller and closer together than a hair comb.

Balls on sweaters are a natural phenomenon linked to the composition of the fibers and daily use. By following this guide you will be able to avoid their formation of balls or restore your favorite wool sweaters to their original appearance.