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We are proud to receive the approval of our Customers, who appreciate the work we do in producing cashmere knitwear and accessories, but also of the mass media who highlight the passion and dedication with which we work every day on our project to provide products luxurious but sustainable and attentive to Made in Italy artisanal quality.

Lanaioli cashmere

Even the Blog "Fashionlab" which deals with lifestyle trends in men's fashion and women's fashion in general cited the Lanaioli brand as a leading brand in the sustainable clothing sector! parla di Lanaioli

On this page we highlight articles and websites that talk about us and thus support us in spreading the business culture and values ​​that we intend to support with the Lanaioli brand. parla di qualità del cashmere artigianale Lanaioli

Even the magazine dedicated to the world of women's fashion has published an article that talks about our women's autumn winter cashmere collection and the quality of Made in Italy products such as our artisan knitwear items! parla di Lanaioli e della sua filosofia Slow Fashion

 The online magazine has brought our brand back as an Italian example of Slow Fashion thanks to the choice of a short supply chain and the production of only high quality garments with a classic style that is always in fashion, which can last for years, if well maintained, because they are produced starting from high quality natural.

Cashmere rigenerato: il nuovo lusso sostenibile Lanaioli in view of the launch of our new Women's Autumn Winter collection with an eye always attentive to eco-compatible knitwear production wrote about Lanaioli in November 2023. parla di Lanaioli per i suoi Filati Naturali e Cashmere Rigenerato one of the Italian reference sites for Fashion and Life Style has cited our brand among the leaders in the cashmere production and sale sector with attention to sustainability thanks to the choice of Natural Yarns and Regenerated Cashmere.


Lanaioli Golf Cup 10 settembre 2023 Country Club Castel Gandolfo

The "Lanaioli Golf Cup" at the Country Club Golf Castel Gandolfo in the province of Rome.

At the exclusive golf club set in the setting of the Castelli Romani and the volcanic lakes of Lazio, immersed in a luxurious green context, the competition was held which saw the participation of around a hundred athletes.

The competition sponsored by our brand saw the awards given to everyone by our staff the first classified paying homage to them, to celebrate the victory together, with a selection of our precious products in Cashmere

Isola di Capri Portal parla di Lanaioli sulla rivista Swann Magazine International

After Handbook Costa Smeralda, the Swann International Magazine, distributed at the main tourist locations on the Island of Capri, also told the story of our brand.

A page 16 of Swann magazine a page appears dedicated to our Cashmere collection worked entirely in Italy, visible to the elite of the public who have visited this enchanted place in Italy and also on the web on the official website


The Regina del Lusso Handbook Costa Smeralda magazine spoke to the refined public who spent the summer of 2023 in this magnificent tourist setting of our Lanaioli brand.

An article on the web version of the Costa Smeralda Journal is visible following this link and entitled "Lanaioli cashmere between history and sustainability". The growth and visibility of a young and dynamic brand in the high-end fashion sector continues.

 Casilina News

In view of the next opening of our Pop-Up Store in Cortina from 11 to 20 August 2023 where it will be possible to view and purchase the Spring - Summer 2023 collection and preview and pre-order the precious garments of the Autumn - Winter collection, the Casilina News newspaper wrote about us in this article, also presenting the collaboration with Fashion Creator Giada Tanzi that he prepared for us in his studio in San Giovanni Incarico (FR) will be available to visitors who make a purchase of the useful free accessories completely created by hand.


Mediaset's TGCOM also covered our brand and he talked about it in this article on his website in the section dedicated to finance and businesses.

Milano finanza Lanaioli nasce un fiore nel mondo della moda made in Italy

In the well-known Italian newspaper that deals with finance and economics Milano Finanza, an article is dedicated on 20 March 2023 to Lanaioli and his idea of ​​doing business. A piece that tells the values ​​of our start up and the advantages for the customers who will be part of its exclusive club.

 Portale impresa

On 03/13/2023 the online newspaper Portale Impresa active in telling the world of the entrepreneurial fabric and news relating to taxation, finance and other topics that revolve around entrepreneurship mentions the Lanaioli brand and tells it in the best way in an article dedicated to the birth of our digital start-up in the sector of men's knitwear in cashmere and other fine yarns.

Casilina News

Our company sells its cashmere, wool and silk knitwear products throughout Europe, but its main headquarters are in the Lazio region, which is why one of the local newspapers, Casilina News, honored us with introduce ourselves to the public of our land with the publication of an article that concerns our company and promotes its luxury products, paying attention to the discounts reserved for the most loyal customers who decide to join our exclusive club of Made in Italy quality cashmere and knitwear.

We are present in the Made in Italy companies showcase of ITA Italian Trade Agency of ICE, the Agency for the external promotion and internationalization of Italian companies. Since the birth of the Lanaioli brand we have been bringing Made in Italy Cashmere to the world.



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