Woolaioli Cashmere: an Italian story of tradition and quality

The Art of Wool

The corporation ofWool Art it was established in Florence in 1317, immediately becoming one of the Seven Major Arts of the city. This corporation was one of the most powerful of the time counting the largest number of workers, around a third of the Florentine population. The Wool Guild was so important that Niccolò Machiavelli, in the sixteenth century, continued to magnify its greatness:

«It was the one of all the Arts that had and has the most subordinates, which due to being very powerful is the first in authority of all.»

Ancient Italian master knitwear artisans

Here is the history of our name: i lanaioli they were those great Masters who were experts in the selection of yarns, in the carding, combing and spinning activities, giving prestige and wealth to the Wool Art Corporation, to the city of Florence and to Italy throughout the world.

Wool processing is an ancient tradition in which Italy has excelled since the Middle Ages, through the Renaissance, up to the present day.

Research and selection of eco-friendly and quality Made in Italy knitwear production

Today we Lanaioli we rely exclusively on that ancient knowledge in researching and choosing the best The terrace in Lana Merino It is in the fine Cashmere. For this reason we work at well-known Italian wool mills for the packaging of our clothing items.

Our strength is mainly linked, as in the past, to quality and the fineness of the raw material, but also the subsequent processing in the laboratory: the weaving and packaging of the finished garment is in fact carried out entirely and proudly by Italian artisans.

Experimental research and the selection of eco-cashmere or regenerated cashmere yarns and the launch of a 0 km merino wool supply chain in Italy are the points of innovation that qualify our business idea.

The Lanaioli logo: today as yesterday the symbol of the Art of Wool

This is where we come from and where we want to go: Lanaioli is the production of high quality clothing with innovative techniques and modern technologies, but with an indissoluble bond towards the wisdom and competence of the craftsmanship of the Arts and Crafts which are the basis of our Know-how how.

Arte della Lana Firenze i Lanaioli

Precisely to honor the ancient Florentine wool art corporation, our brand today proposes the symbol that had characterized that association of entrepreneurs and workers of the time and proposes its rebirth in a current key.