come lavare il Cashmere in lavatrice?

How to wash Cashmere?

The Cashmere it is a delicate, precious and rare yarn and therefore also expensive compared to wool.

Taking care of them in the right way extends the life of the garments Puro Cashmere. Here are our suggestions.

How do you wash Cashmere by hand?

It is certainly the preferable washing method, because it is more delicate: wash by hand Cashmere means to use a basin with cold or at most lukewarm water e and delicate and neutral detergent designed for leather garments Cashmere and wool, immerse the head in it facing backwards and massage it gently without rubbing it or wringing it, rinsing it delicately with running water that is always cold or at most lukewarm.

Can Cashmere be washed in the washing machine?

Although we do not recommend it and prefer to recommend washing the precious and delicate items exclusively by hand Cashmere, the answer is actually affirmative: you can wash Cashmere items in the washing machine.

Il Cashmere si può lavare in lavatrice?

However, you need to pay even more attention than when washing the Cashmere a cunning.

If the advice to wash the Cashmere by hand was to first put the garment inside out, if you wash the Cashmere in the washing machine this may not be enough to preserve it and for this reason it is advisable to put it in a specific bag for washing underwear. 

 At this point, a small quantity of delicate detergent designed for delicate items such as Cashmere of floating day.

The washing machine program must be short (better not to exceed half an hour) and above all chosen from the most delicate and cold ones. 

Avoid spinning or at least program a very low number of revolutions, usually the minimum is 400 revolutions.

This also allows for machine washing Cashmere it will be as least invasive as possible, but always remember to prefer a delicate hand wash to ensure longer life of the garments Cashmere.