0 KM RAW MATERIALS: the Lanaioli Project for Italian Merino Wool

Lanaioli progetto sostenibilità filiera corta lana merino km0

The problem of long transportation that we mentioned concerns not only cashmere but also other types of yarns. An example is the Lana Merino, obtained from the shearing of sheep of the breed of the same name.

In Italy, wool sheep farms are practically disappearing. For decades, Italian farmers have been encouraged to produce milk for the creation of cheese and meat because it is more profitable.

On the contrary, wool, having no recognized economic value, is considered an expensive waste to dispose of, becoming a problem for farmers.

This is how the Lanaioli per una project was born short supply chain aimed at obtaining float to km0 from the national production of merino wool.

This goal is intended to be achieved through collaboration with merinized sheep breeders in central Italy.

The short supply chain project of merino wool Lanaioli continues forward with its own breeding aimed at recovering an endangered sheep breed.


Currently, the largest farms and most advanced wool industries are located in Australia and New Zealand. Another area where merino wool farms are very large is South America, which is rich in large expanses of pastures.

Lanaioli is collaborating with various stakeholders to create a network of businesses that can independently produce high quality merino wool.

The project involves the recovery of native breeds at risk of extinction and will be entirely carried out with Italian farms.

This will be the final step to close the circle of Made in Italy, also on the origin of the yarn, as well as on the transformation and production processes of the knitwear.

Lanaioli Lana Merino Km0


We want to guarantee local farmers a fair compensation for the wool they provide us. This helps them improve the breeds of the animals and allows us to process the wool in dedicated Italian factories.

In this way, we obtain yarns of high quality that can compete with those from other parts of the world and use them in products under our brand.

This choice is demanding and full of challenges, but we have started to explore it to create a zero kilometer wool production chain in Italy.

This reduces the environmental impact and cuts the costs and problems associated with long transportation of raw materials in Europe.

Furthermore, Lanaioli is working on the creation of its own breeding of Italian Merino sheep breeds at risk of extinction typical of Central Italy.

Own breeding will guarantee certainty in the origin of the raw wool and the continuous improvement, through careful selection, of the fibers that will be obtained.

Continue to follow us in this challenging project of environmental sustainability and dignity of work.