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All the fabrics of men's long sleeve polo shirts: complete guide

Materials and quality of long-sleeved polo shirts

When it comes to choosing a long sleeve polo shirt , the quality of the material is crucial in determining comfort, durability and style. There are different types of fabrics used in the production of these polo shirts, each with its own unique characteristics. In this article, we will explore the main fabrics used for long-sleeve polo shirts, such as cotton, wool , synthetic blends and the particular gassed cotton, analyzing the advantages of each.


Cotton is one of the most common and popular materials for long-sleeved polo shirts. Its popularity comes from the combination of comfort, breathability and ease of care.

- Comfort: Cotton is soft on the skin, making it ideal for all-day wear.
- Breathability: it is highly breathable, which means it absorbs and releases moisture quickly, keeping your skin dry.
- Durability: Cotton polo shirts are durable and can last a long time with the right care.

Gassed Cotton

Gassed cotton is a special variant of cotton, subjected to a gasification process that eliminates the shorter and more irregular fibres, leaving a smoother and shinier yarn.

- Soft: gassed cotton is extremely soft to the touch, offering superior comfort compared to normal cotton.
- Shine: has a shinier finish, which gives the polo shirts a more refined and luxurious look.
- Resistance to pilling : the gasification process reduces the risk of pilling, keeping the polo shirts in perfect condition for longer.


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Wool is another fine material, often used for long-sleeved polo shirts, especially in the colder months.

- Warmth: wool is exceptionally warm and ideal for cold seasons.
- Insulation: offers excellent insulating properties, maintaining body heat.
- Breathability: Despite the heat, wool is also breathable and can absorb moisture without becoming damp.

Wool, especially extrafine merino wool is also ideal in summer thanks to its breathability and ability to absorb heat.

Synthetic fabrics

Synthetic fabrics , such as polyester and spandex, are used to enhance some characteristics of natural fabrics.

- Elasticity: by adding spandex or elastane, polo shirts become more elastic and keep their shape better.
- Durability: synthetic fibers are extremely resistant and increase the longevity of the garment.
- Easy maintenance: polo shirts made from synthetic blends tend to be more resistant to creases and stains, making care and maintenance easier.

Fabric combinations

Many long-sleeve polo shirts combine different materials to take advantage of the benefits of each. For example, a blend of cotton and polyester can offer the softness of cotton and the durability of polyester, creating a versatile, high-quality garment.

Choosing the right fabric for a long sleeve polo is essential to ensure comfort, durability and style. Cotton, and in particular gassed cotton, offers a luxurious experience with its softness and shine. Wool is perfect for colder climates due to its warmth and insulation. Synthetic blends add stretch and durability, making polos more durable and easier to maintain.

By considering your personal needs and preferences, you can find the perfect long-sleeved polo shirt for any occasion. Whether you're looking for an elegant piece for a special event or a comfortable polo shirt for everyday use, knowledge of the materials will help you make the best choice.