Cosa significa maglia di cashmere a 2 fili e a 4 fili

What does 2-thread cashmere sweater mean? And 4-thread sweater?

The Art of Knitting: What does 2-thread and 4-thread cashmere mean?

Knitting is an ancient art form that has spanned centuries, retaining its magic and practicality. Among the most loved knitwear items, cashmere sweaters occupy a special place. Among the various types of sweaters available made with cashmere yarn, two of the most common are 2-yarn and 4-yarn cashmere sweaters. These denominations refer to the number of threads used in the processing of the fabric pull, as explained by Mastro Cashmere . A cashmere pullover can be made up of 2, 4, 6 or 12 threads.

But what makes these types of cashmere sweaters different? And in particular, what does a 4-thread cashmere sweater mean? And 2-thread cashmere knit? Let's find out together.

The Essence of Cashmere

Before delving into the difference between 2- and 4-thread cashmere knits, it is essential to understand the very nature of cashmere . Cashmere is a natural fiber obtained from shearing the under fleece of Hircus goats . Its excellent ability to retain heat, combined with its softness and resistance, makes it an ideal material for winter clothing.

2-Thread Sweaters: Simplicity and Lightness

2-strand cashmere yarn types of sweaters are often considered a lightweight and breathable option. This style of sweater is made from two single strands of cashmere woven together during the weaving process. This construction makes the sweater lighter than 4-thread ones, ideal for less harsh climates or for those who prefer thin layers.

The lightness of these sweaters makes them perfect for mid-seasons or to be worn indoors, offering warmth without excessive heaviness. However, it is important to underline that the extraordinary isothermal qualities of kashmir allow a 2-thread knit to be worn even during the harshest winter.


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4-Thread Sweaters: Warmth and Resistance

4-thread kashmiri sweaters, on the other hand, are known for their robustness and warmth. These sweaters are made using four strands of cashmere woven together, creating a thicker, denser layer. This construction significantly increases the thermal capacity of the jersey, making it an ideal option for the coldest days of the year.

The greater amount of cashmere thread also contributes to greater resistance and durability of the cashmere sweater. 4-thread sweaters are often preferred for outdoor activities in the winter or for those who live in particularly cold climates.

Is a 2-ply or 4-ply cashmere sweater better?

The choice between a 2-thread and a 4-thread sweater depends on personal preferences and climatic needs. Those looking for greater lightness and breathability could opt for the 2-thread kashmir sweater, while those who want maximum warmth and resistance might prefer a 4-thread cashmere sweater.

Additionally, personal style plays an important role in choosing between these two types of sweaters. While 2-thread cashmere sweaters can give a more casual and refined look, 4-thread sweaters are often associated with a more rustic and traditional style.

Lanaioli cashmere sweaters

We at Lanaioli have chosen to make our sweaters in 2-thread cashmere because we believe in the perfect harmony between elegance and comfort. The choice to use two kashmir threads in our workmanship is not random, but reflects our attention to detail and the desire to offer a product that can satisfy the needs of those looking for a versatile and lightweight garment.

The lightness of our 2-thread cashmere sweaters pairs perfectly with our commitment to sophisticated, timeless style. We think 2-thread cashmere can offer the right balance of warmth and breathability, making our sweaters suitable for a variety of occasions, from cool days to dressier evenings.

Knitwear is not just a matter of weaving, but an art form that goes beyond current fashion. With our 2-ply cashmere sweaters, we want to offer a timeless garment, capable of withstanding the passage of time and becoming a trusted companion for anyone who embraces the spirit of quality and timeless style.

We are committed to offering knitwear that goes beyond expectations, where the choice of threads is just the starting point to create a unique experience of comfort and style.


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