Lanaioli presente a Capri sulla rivista Swann - Lanaioli

Lanaioli present in Capri in the Swann magazine

Swann, the official magazine distributed on the Island of Capri tells about Lanaioli Cashmere 

The Island of Capri is an international tourist destination, which bases its positioning in the world market of excellence on excellence. The site represents this territory and allows visitors, with a simple click, to get all the answers to better experience the island of Capri and let themselves be tempted by the voice of the sirens.

On the official website of the Island of Capri, a series of approved media present the life and activities that take place on the island: from gastronomy to fashion and jewellery, from craftsmanship to renowned hotels, from tourism services to high-level professionals. 

Swann International Magazine talks about Woolen Cashmere

Reading the official website we cannot help but realize how precious, interesting, rich in current, national and international topics the magazine is Swann Intenational Magazine. The magazine is one of the official Life & Style media of the Island of Capri and a high-end fashion brand like Lanaioli Cashmere could not fail to talk about the excellence of Made in Italy manufacturing in this exceptional place. 

Pag. 68 della Rivista Costa Smeralda Handbook 2023 Lanaioli Cashmere
Page 16 of the Swann International Magazine 2023 tells about Lanaioli Cashmere 

We Lanaioli can only be proud of our presence in this important magazine which captures luxury trends and talks about life style on the Island of Capri.

A mix of emotions connected to the story and the images printed on the printed paper and on its digital edition, distributed in luxury and exclusive locations on the Island of Capri and Anacapri, where the precious cashmere yarns and our productions could not be missing of high craftsmanship for sustainable luxury and fashion.