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Why does my wool sweater sting? I'm allergic?

How many times have you bought one wool sweater that you really liked and that it suited you perfectly, but after a few minutes it started to itch and sting? 

Result? You no longer wore the sweater relegating it to a corner of the wardrobe or even threw it away even thinking you were allergic to wool. 

The time has come to discover the truth behind this common dilemma. Contrary to what you might think, you may not be allergic to wool itself. A recent one studio it revealed the hidden reasons behind these annoying sensations and paved the way for more comfortable solutions.

What makes wool itch?

Itching caused by woolen clothes is due to the thick fibers protruding from the fabric or the dyes used when dyeing the yarns. These coarse fibers, which can be either synthetic such as nylon or wool fibers with a very large diameter, can irritate the skin, causing discomfort. But here's where the interesting twist comes in.

Extrafine Merino Wool: A Comfortable Solution

The extrafine merino wool it could be the answer to your itching problems. Thanks to its ultra-thin diameter, this variety of wool is known for its incredible softness. Its fine fibers bend easily and do not cause itching or irritation when in contact with the skin. So if you've relegated your wool to the back burner due to hassle, it might be time to give extra-fine merino wool a chance.

Benefits for Sensitive Skin

But there's more. The study also found that extrafine merino wool may be particularly beneficial for people with sensitive skin or eczema. Worn in direct contact with the skin, this wool helps stabilize moisture and temperature between the fabric and the skin.

Our Choice for Your Wellbeing

We are committed to ensuring maximum well-being and comfort for our customers. This is why we have chosen to produce our garments exclusively with extra-fine merino wool. We want every person to be able to enjoy the benefits of wool without worrying about the discomfort of itching. Choosing extrafine merino wool is not only a choice for quality, but also for your comfort.

Don't miss out on the pleasure of wearing wool sweaters for fear of discomfort. The solution may be simpler than you thought, thanks to the magic of extra-fine merino wool. Try one sweater made with this material and discover the comfort and softness you have always deserved.

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