Quali sono le differenze tra fibre tessili naturali, artificiali e sintetiche? - Lanaioli

What are the differences between natural, artificial and synthetic textile fibres?

The textile fibers they are substances present in nature or artificially created by man which, due to their characteristics, lend themselves to being spun and then woven.

Fibers can be classified into three broad categories, as also explained by CNSC: natural, artificial and synthetic. But what are the differences between natural, artificial and synthetic fibres? Let's find out together.

Natural fibers come from animal or plant sources, present in nature. Some examples are the work, The cashmere (animal sources), flax, cotton, hemp (vegetable sources). Natural fibers do not require chemical processes to be transformed into yarns, but only mechanical processes such as carding and spinning.

Filato naturale cotone

Artificial fibers are created from natural raw materials, but require chemical transformation to become yarn. For example, viscose, lyocell, rayon are derived from wood cellulose and are then chemically processed to become fibers that can be used in the textile industry. 

Synthetic fibers are completely artificial and do not have natural origins. They are produced entirely in laboratories, often from oil or its by-products. Synthetic fibers are designed to have specific properties, such as waterproofness or weather resistance. Examples of synthetic fibers are: polyester, nylon and polypropylene.

Filato sintetico poliestere

Synthetic fibres, thanks to their technical characteristics, are widely used for sports and technical clothing.

However, in recent years there has been a growing interest in natural fibres, due to a greater sensitivity among the population in the use of sustainable and ecological materials.

We at Lanaioli have never had doubts and from the beginning we have chosen to produce our garments only with natural yarns, an example above all is ours pure cashmere collection, spearhead of the Lanaioli production. 


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