Quale è la lana più pregiata?

What is the finest wool?

Wool is a natural textile fiber obtained from the sheared hair of various animals, such as sheep, goats, camels, yaks and vicunas.

Wool is a versatile, warm, durable and insulating material that is used to make clothing, accessories, rugs, wigs and more.

But what are the qualities that make one wool more valuable than another? And what is the finest wool of all? In this article we try to give some of our opinions.

The fineness of the fiber

One of the main criteria for evaluating the quality of a wool is the fineness of the fibre, i.e. the diameter of the pile, measured in microns (one thousandth of a millimetre). In general, the finer the fiber, the softer, lighter and shinier the wool.

For comparison, human hair has an average diameter between 40 and 90 microns, while the finest wools have much smaller diameters.

The fineness of the fiber depends on the breed of the animal, the climate, the diet and the care it receives.

The finest types of wool

There are different types of wool, each with its own peculiarities and economic value. Among the most well-known and appreciated, we can mention:


Wool is a natural fiber with multiple qualities, which differs based on the fineness, softness, shine and resistance of the pile.

Among the various types of wool, the most valuable of all is vicuna wool, followed by cashmere, mohair, merino, camel and yak wool. These wools are sought after and expensive, but offer unique comfort and beauty.

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