miglior detersivo per capi delicati

What is the best detergent for delicate clothes?

Which detergent to use to wash merino wool sweaters? And more generally for delicate items?

When it's time to wash a merino wool or cashmere garment, a doubt always arises: but which wool detergent should you use to wash a delicate garment by hand or in the washing machine? Opting for a neutral, gentle detergent is key to maintaining the longevity of your wool and cashmere sweaters. As described in the article on the Woolmark Company page.

What makes a detergent mild or neutral?

These delicate or neutral detergents have a balanced pH, ideal for caring for delicate wool fibres. They are designed to protect fabrics during washing, both in the washing machine and by hand, preserving their softness and shape. Using a delicate and neutral detergent is the optimal choice to ensure effective and safe cleaning of your woolen garments.

It is also important to avoid using aggressive detergents, formulated with enzymes or bleach, as they could damage the wool or cashmere fibres.

How to choose a detergent for delicate clothes?

When you find yourself in the supermarket in front of the detergent shelf for delicate clothes, consider these important aspects:

1- If you choose a powder detergent, it is advisable to dissolve it completely before adding it to the laundry. This helps prevent lumps from forming that could damage fabrics during washing.
2- You can add fabric softeners or conditioners only in the last rinse, but it is essential to dose them carefully. An excessive amount of fabric softener could cause the formation of pilling in subsequent washes, as they tend to lubricate the fibres, facilitating friction between them.
3- Absolutely avoid the use of bleach, whether chlorine-based or oxygen-based, when you have to wash a wool or cashmere sweater.
4- Always carefully follow the washing instructions provided on the detergent packages to ensure effective and respectful cleaning of your precious woolen garments.

With these simple tips you will be able to take care of your wool or cashmere sweater without fear of ruining it, guaranteeing it a longer life.

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