storia e curiosità della polo nera

Men's polo: history and curiosities

Stories and curiosities of the men's polo shirt: iconic, versatile, sustainable!

The men's long-sleeve cotton polo shirt is not only a practical and versatile piece of clothing, but carries with it a rich history and a significant presence in popular culture. This article will explore some of the most interesting stories and curiosities related to this iconic garment, ranging from anecdotes about the celebrities who made it famous to its appearances in films and fashion.

Sporting origin of the polo

The polo shirt was born as a sports garment, created in the 1920s by the French tennis player René Lacoste. Lacoste, tired of uncomfortable long-sleeved, button-down tennis shirts, decided to create a more practical and comfortable t-shirt. His invention, made of cotton piqué, was equipped with a soft collar and a three-button closure, elements that have become distinctive of the polo. The shirt was soon adopted also in the world of golf and polo, from which it takes its name.

Celebrity and polo: a timeless style

Many celebrities have helped make the men's long-sleeved polo shirt an iconic item. One of the best-known examples is Steve McQueen, the American actor known for his casual and relaxed style. McQueen often wore cotton polo shirts both in his private life and in his films, making him a symbol of style and masculinity.

Members of the British royal family, such as Prince Charles and Prince William, have also been seen wearing long-sleeved polo shirts on several official and informal occasions. This helped give the polo an aura of elegance and respect.

Polo in popular culture: James Bond, a style icon

The long-sleeved men's polo shirt has also found a place in the world of cinema and literature. One of the most iconic examples is James Bond , played by Sean Connery, wearing a cotton polo in the 1964 film "Goldfinger", as well described in the " Bondsuits " article. This choice of clothing highlights Bond's practicality and elegance, two essential characteristics of the character.

The polo shirt is an essential item in James Bond films, as highlighted in 1965's "Thunderball", analyzed by the " Bondsuits " article. In this film, James Bond wears a black long-sleeved polo shirt, which combines elegance and comfort.

A versatile shirt for every occasion

The beauty of the men's long-sleeved cotton polo shirt lies in its versatility. It can be worn in casual contexts, such as an outing with friends or a walk in the park, but also in more formal situations, such as a business meeting or an elegant dinner. This ability to adapt makes it an indispensable item in every man's wardrobe.

The men's polo and sustainability

In recent years, many fashion companies have started producing organic cotton polo shirts, promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. This not only helps reduce the environmental impact of textile production, but also allows consumers to make more informed and responsible choices.


The men's long-sleeved cotton polo shirt is much more than just a simple item of clothing. It is a symbol of elegance, versatility and practicality, with a history full of fascinating anecdotes and a presence rooted in popular culture. Whether worn by a Hollywood celebrity, a member of the royal family or an ordinary person, the polo remains an iconic garment, capable of crossing fashions and time while always maintaining its unmistakable charm.