Maglione Girocollo Donna e Dolcevita Donna: quali differenze?

Women's Round Neck Sweater and Women's Turtleneck: what are the differences?

Among Lanaioli's knitwear items, women's crew-neck sweaters and women's turtleneck sweaters in regenerated cashmere stand out. We will see the difference when purchasing a turtleneck and a crew neck item in this article.

What is a crew neck sweater?

Women's crew neck sweaters have a round and wide neck, which leaves the base of the neck and shoulders uncovered, creating an effect of momentum and harmony. They are versatile and casual garments, which adapt to different outfits and occasions, and which can be combined with necklaces or scarves to enrich the look. Lanaioli women's crew-neck sweaters are available in different colors and models, such as the shaved crew-neck sweater, the cable-knit crew-neck sweater.


What is a turtleneck sweater?

Women's turtleneck sweaters instead have a high and narrow collar, which wraps the neck and protects it from the cold, creating an effect of warmth and softness.

They are elegant and refined garments, which lend themselves to more formal and sophisticated outfits, and which can be combined with earrings or bracelets to enhance the look. Lanaioli women's turtleneck sweaters are available in different colors and models, such as the shaved turtleneck sweater.

They are also called turtleneck sweaters and usually come with long sleeves: the ideal companion for the winter season.

Why a turtleneck sweater in Regenerated Cashmere?

Cashmere is one of the most precious and sought after natural fibers in the world of fashion, thanks to its softness, warmth, lightness and comfort. It is a fine wool, obtained from the shearing of merino sheep, originally from Spain but now bred in various countries, including Italy.

Cashmere stands out for its fineness, which varies from 15 to 24 microns in diameter, and for its curled structure, which gives it elasticity and resistance.

However, cashmere also has disadvantages, both economically and environmentally. The production of virgin cashmere is limited and expensive, as to obtain 100-200 grams of fiber an entire goat must be sheared. Furthermore, the increase in demand for cashmere has caused a negative impact on the ecosystem, due to overgrazing and desertification of farming areas.

For this reason, in recent years an alternative and sustainable solution has been developed: regenerated cashmere. It is a process that consists of recovering and selecting waste cashmere fabrics or clothing, to transform them into regenerated yarns.

The material is subjected to manual sorting to remove impurities that are not 100% cashmere, then it is frayed, carded and spun again, obtaining a product of equivalent quality to virgin cashmere, but with a lower cost and a lower environmental impact.

In fact, regenerated cashmere has numerous advantages from a sustainability point of view: it reduces the consumption of water, electricity and carbon dioxide, reduces the production of textile waste, enhances the recovery and recycling of resources, and contributes to preserving animal welfare and biodiversity.

Woolioli Regenerated Cashmere

An example of a brand that uses regenerated cashmere is Lanaioli: an Italian company that produces high-quality knitwear. The garments are made entirely in Italy with regenerated cashmere from a short supply chain.

The concept of a short supply chain refers to a production and distribution model that minimizes the number of intermediaries between the producer and the final consumer, ensuring greater transparency, traceability and sustainability.

Lanaioli has chosen to adopt the short supply chain to promote direct contact between the producer and the consumer, selecting only regenerated cashmere processed in Italy, certified and traced, coming from used clothing or production waste.

The Italian regenerated cashmere used by Lanaioli is very fine, which makes it particularly soft and comfortable. Regenerated Cashmere is a raw material that is processed by Italian spinners and knitters, who enhance its characteristics with artisanal techniques and technological innovation.

Crewneck Sweater or Turtleneck Sweater?

In conclusion, women's crewneck sweaters and women's turtleneck sweaters in regenerated cashmere are a true combination of comfort, quality and style.

A crew-neck sweater in regenerated cashmere or a turtleneck sweater in regenerated cashmere at the same time respects the environment, animals and people.

By purchasing a regenerated cashmere sweater from Lanaioli you can choose a sustainable luxury sweater, which expresses the value of tradition and modernity, nature and culture, Italy and the world.