Lanaioli in Costa Smeralda con Handbook - Lanaioli

Lanaioli in Costa Smeralda with Handbook

Handbook, the official magazine of the Costa Smeralda® destination, talks about Woolaioli Cashmere 

The Costa Smeralda® is an international tourist destination, which bases its positioning in the world market of excellence on excellence. Handbook – Costa Smeralda represents this territory and has the ability to express its excellence through the story of the galaxies that compose it.

So reports the official website of the well-known magazine distributed in paper format at the most exclusive locations on the Costa Smeralda and which for summer 2023 foresees the presence of a page dedicated to our Lanaioli brand. 

Reading the official website we cannot help but realize how precious, interesting and full of current national and international topics it is Handbook – Costa Smeralda, official spokesperson of the Costa Smeralda® destination in the world and a luxury brand like Lanaioli Cashmere could not fail to talk about the excellence of Made in Italy manufacturing in this exceptional place. 

Pag. 68 della Rivista Costa Smeralda Handbook 2023 Lanaioli Cashmere

Page 68 of the Costa Smeralda Magazine Handbook 2023 Cashmere Lanaioli

We Lanaioli can only be proud of our presence in this important magazine which captures luxury trends, talks about life style, innovation and ideas, transmitting knowledge to the reader in the cutting-edge sectors of design, fashion, culture, photography, history and the environment .

A mix of emotions connected to the story and the images printed on the printed paper and on its digital edition, where the precious cashmere yarns and our high craftsmanship productions for sustainable luxury could not be missing.