Temperatura di lavaggio della lana

The wool washing temperature

At how many degrees is a wool sweater washed?

Washing a wool sweater is not a trivial operation, but a balance between effective cleaning and preserving the softness and shape of the sweater. One of the most critical aspects is the water temperature. How many degrees are safe to wash a wool shirt without damaging it? This is a question that often causes confusion among wool lovers, as wool is known to be more delicate than other fabrics. To answer this question, the Candy company blog helps us.


A quanti gradi si lava la lana


Characteristics of wool

Wool is a fine natural fibre , known for its softness, warmth and durability. However, it is also sensitive to external agents, such as heat and friction, which can cause shrinkage, felting or loss of shape. This makes the washing method and, in particular, the water temperature critical.

The perfect temperature for washing wool

Washing wool at the right temperature is very important to avoid causing damage to our wool sweater, risking having to throw it away. In general, a wool sweater or accessory should be washed at low temperatures to avoid damage to the fiber. The ideal temperature is around 30°C, which is considered warm enough to remove dirt but cool enough to not cause significant damage to the wool.

Can wool be washed at 40°C?

Washing wool with too hot water can have disastrous consequences. Temperatures above 40°C can cause the wool sweater to shrink, causing it to lose its original shape and making it unusable. Additionally, hot water can cause wool to felt, an irreversible process in which fibers shrink and tangle together.

Superwash wool

Superwash wool, treated to resist shrinkage and felting, can be washed at slightly higher temperatures, around 40°C. However, it is always advisable to follow the instructions on the inside label of the wool sweater to ensure maximum life of the sweater.

Wash wool by hand

To avoid any damage to the wool sweater, we at Lanaioli recommend hand washing as it allows you to better control the washing temperature and the mechanical action exerted on the wool fibres. In this case, it is best to use warm water, around 30°C, and a delicate detergent for wool.


lavare la lana a mano

Useful tips for washing a wool sweater

Regardless of the water temperature, it is important to follow a proper washing procedure to preserve the quality of the wool sweater. Here are some useful tips:

1. Pre-Treat Stains: Treat any stains on your wool sweater before washing with a mild detergent.

2. Use of a suitable detergent : use a specific detergent for wool or delicate garments, avoiding overly aggressive detergents that can damage the fibres.

3. Gentle wash: Avoid rubbing or twisting the wool sweater when washing to minimize the risk of damage to the fiber.

4. Thorough rinse: Be sure to rinse the wool sweater thoroughly to remove all the detergent.

5. Proper drying: Dry the wool sweater gently, preferably lying flat to maintain its original shape.

In conclusion, washing a wool sweater at the right temperature is very important to preserve the fibers and the sweater itself. The ideal temperature for washing a wool sweater is around 30°C, but it is important to adapt it to the specific needs of the garment and follow the instructions indicated on the internal care label. By following a gentle washing procedure and using the appropriate detergents, you can preserve the beauty and softness of wool for many years.

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