Lanaioli: testa e cuore ci guidano nella nostra idea di Impresa - Lanaioli

Lanaioli: head and heart guide us in our idea of business

In Florence in the 1300s, i Lanaioli they were the members of the Corporation (or Guild) of Wool Art. This corporation brought together all the organizations that dealt with the processing of wool, starting from the selection, through carding and combing, up to the spinning and final creation of the garments.

In medieval Florence the Arts held the power, to the exclusion of the nobility. The Art of Wool contributed to the greatest extent to the economic expansion of the Florentine city, with production reaching peaks of 10% of the wool needs of the entire West at the time.

Our entrepreneurial journey starts from here: yesterday as today in our country some specific skills that have made the history of textile manufacturing over the centuries have remained unchanged and indeed have strengthened.

The rediscovery of artisanal productions and the creation of textile products High quality necessarily passes through a know-how that, in Italy, has been lost over the centuries.

In the era of large-scale production and standardization, our project stands out for its human approach, emphasizing the skills and knowledge of the individual. We focus on the attention to detail, typical of artisanal production, rather than the massive production of industrial machines

Our energies are also poured into providing the men and women who work diligently at our leaders with a selection of yarns attentive and scrupulous. For this reason, we only source from the best spun wool producers in Italy, undisputed world leaders in this market.

For us Lanaioli the passion for Quality there is no discussion about the processing and raw materials, it is a choice in which we do not want to compromise.

Our emphasis on the ability to create recalls the idea ofhomo faber, both as a craftsman capable of creating high-quality clothing with creative effort, and as an individual who creates and determines his own destiny.

Since the establishment of our project we have wanted not only to do business, produce and sell clothing, but to be part of the change in our sector, which is why we embraced the idea of ​​starting a collection of garments produced from Regenerated Yarns.

Cashmere is the finest yarn with which we make our garments, available to all customers who appreciate its unique characteristics. Furthermore, right from the start we created a line in 100% Regenerated (or recycled) Cashmere, in no way second in quality to Pure Cashmere.

The attention to an entrepreneurial sustainability project does not stop at the recovery of recycled material, but in our idea it continues to involve the parties interested in a short 0km wool supply chain in the medium term.

The Italian production of wool from sheep and goat farms has become increasingly low over the years to the point of almost disappearing: for some time the fibers that make up our clothing have come from remote regions of the world. Just think of merino wool which comes mainly from Australia or Cashmere itself which was born in the Kashmir region of the same name between India and Pakistan and then spread elsewhere.

Here we enter stubbornly by starting a collaboration with breeders, fiber processing companies, textile production companies and institutions for promote the production of local and sustainable animal fibres, a km 0.

The savings in water, electricity, fuel for transport and the related CO2 emissions from all the production and travel steps involved in getting an item of clothing into our wardrobes would be truly enormous and we also want to give our contribution to change.

We want our Customers to not only be buyers of well-made garments, attentive to detail and passionate about quality like us, but also to become co-protagonists of a visionary project. The final objective of this project is the dignity of work, the saving of natural resources and the relaunch of true Made in Italy, from the raw material to the finished product.

Lanaioli wants to contribute to retracing and making the vision and experience of the founders of the ancient Wool Art even greater.

We share the idea of ​​business only if this is represented by responsible choices in which Values, Man and the Environment, come before business.

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