Filati Naturali: il primo passo per una Moda Sostenibile - Lanaioli

Natural Yarns: the first step for Sustainable Fashion

From the beginning of the company experience that has brought us this far we have chosen natural yarns to make our exclusive garments and in particular the most valuable ones: the precious Cashmere, the comfortable Merino Wool, the shiny Silk and the fresh Cotton.

Fast Fashion Vs. Slow Fashion

The fashion sector has long needed policies and strategies that aim at environmental and social sustainability. For this reason we exclusively produce our garments in Italy from yarns processed in the best woolen mills of our beautiful country, presenting to the public a product that is certainly more expensive than average, but undoubtedly preferring quality to quantity.

We share the idea of ​​sustainable luxury and a responsible company, beyond slogans and various certifications. It's a fact: an item of clothing made with care and with natural yarns costs more, but remains a timeless classic, giving the wearer the feeling of comfort for the first time.

This is why we also promote a Slow Fashion production method, focusing on small productions of great workmanship and value. Only in this way can the values ​​of Work and the Environment be respected.

Lanaioli Regenerated Cashmere: sustainable luxury

We immediately thought of a line based on the circular economy. This is why we have prepared a series of Regenerated Cashmere sweaters for our most attentive customers, a conscious choice for sustainable luxury.

Cashmere rigenerato

Short supply chain for the supply of merino wool yarns: an all-Italian project for the recovery of native wool breeds

Furthermore, since our birth we have continued to chase the dream of being able to create a short 0km supply chain in Italy by directly producing the wool with which our sweaters will be made.

Allevamento pecore merino per filati lana Km0

We have avoided Fast Fashion because we recognize the environmental damage this manufacturing approach causes, such as microplastics released from synthetic fabrics that are difficult to dispose of and the negative impact on worker conditions. This production usually occurs in countries in the Global South with labor standards and wages well below Western standards.

A clear choice, without compromises, Lanaioli stands for sustainable luxury, for true Slow Fashion made in Italy.

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