Differenza tra lana filata e lana cardata

Difference between spun wool and carded wool

What is the difference between spun wool and carded wool?

The spinning it is a process that takes place immediately after the sheep are sheared. Spinning begins with the selection and washing of the fibres. Subsequently the fibers are opened and all impurities and dust are eliminated.

At this point the wool fiber can be combed or carded. As well explained in the articleCraftsman at the fair the choice to comb or card the wool is based on the length of the fibres.

Worsted Wool

To produce the combed wool the finest sheep fleece is used, namely that of the back and sides, where the fibers are longest.

Immediately after shearing, the longer fibers are placed in parallel and wrapped around themselves in order to separate them from the shorter fibers. Subsequently the fibers are combed and placed in parallel to obtain a combed ribbon. The tape is then subjected to twisting to make it homogeneous and resistant. Finally the fortresses are created.

The result of the combing is a natural yarn smooth, homogeneous, thin, regular with which it is possible to create fine, delicate knitwear. A sweater of combed wool can be worn under a jacket or over a shirt without weighing down the figure. Another use of combed wool is underwear knitwear.

Carded wool

For carding, the fiber cut which derive from the shearing of the sheep's legs and belly.

These fibres, after shearing, are rich in plant material (seeds and grass) which inevitably stick to the sheep's fleece during grazing. All this matter must be removed by carbonization before starting the carding process.

The fibres, therefore, are crossed in every direction, transformed into card strip and then spun. Subsequently, the twisting phase occurs, which makes the yarn continuous and homogeneous and finally, the creation of the cones.

The result of carding is a natural yarn coarser, more voluminous as the fibers are not parallel. A Sweater made with carded wool it will therefore have a more rustic appearance and will appear heavier to the eye.

In conclusion, the main difference between carded yarn and combed yarn is the quality and uniformity of the fibers. The combed yarn is often considered to be of higher quality and is used to produce finer, more valuable fabrics, while the carded yarn can be used for sturdier, less refined fabrics.

We at Lanaioli have decided to use the combed yarn for ours jerseys as we think that a thinner shirt is more versatile and suitable for both formal occasions and casual or sporty outfits.

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