Come lavare un maglione in lana merino

Care of Merino Wool garments: a guide that preserves the quality of the product

The fiber di work merino they are naturally resistant and elastic, thanks to their internal spring structure. Each fiber can stretch up to 30% of its length without breaking and returns immediately to its original length if stretched even 20%. 

It has in fact been shown that nylon breaks after an extension of 10% and even polyester fibers have a lower degree of elasticity than merino wool fibres.

Merinos are one of the most robust breeds of sheep in the world and are able to live without problems in the extreme conditions of the rugged mountains on which they live thanks to the natural structure of their fleece. The Merino wool fiber therefore creates a highly resistant fabric.

Merino wool fiber originates in nature, is not a laboratory product, as in the cases of other artificial fibres. This makes garments made of merino wool naturally renewable and biodegradable: in fact, unlike synthetic microfibres, it does not contribute to polluting sea waters with plastic microfibres.

Wearing clothes with a high content of natural fibers such as merino wool can help reduce the amount of synthetic microfibres released into the environment, and this is also a wise choice. sustainability.

What to do when washing a Merino Wool garment:

  • Prefer hand washing or possibly use a washing machine by setting a program for delicate washing
  • Washing a Merino garment should be done cold or at most 30° in the washing machine.
  • If you use the washing machine, choose the "delicate" or "hand wash" cycle.
  • The washing machine cycle you choose should have a slow speed (less than 600 rpm is preferable).
  • Use a normal detergent without protease (an enzyme) and without fabric softener.
  • Naturally the single item should be washed with others that have similar colours
  • If the garment has zips (e.g. wool sweater with zip closure or other) make sure that these are all closed well.
  • At the end of the wash, merino wool garments should not be stretched or wrung
  • Drying must always be done in the open air 

What NON to do when washing a Merino Wool garment:

  • Avoid using fabric softeners: these products cover the merino wool fiber with a film that reduces its natural breathability and ability to regulate heat and absorb sweat.
  • Do not use bleaches: the chlorine contained in bleaches damages the merino wool fibres, it is not advisable to use it to avoid ruining your garments.
  • Dry clean ONLY IF indicated on the label: some merino wool items are suitable for dry cleaning, but always make sure to check that the label states this option.
  • Do not dry them in the dryer, it is always good practice to dry your merino wool items in the open air.
  • It is not essential to iron them: merino wool easily returns to its original appearance after washing, so it may not be necessary to iron your merino wool garments. To iron a merino wool garment correctly without damaging it, turn it inside out and set the iron to a lukewarm or specific temperature for wool.