Cashmere: come prendersi cura del più pregiato dei filati - Lanaioli

How to wash, dry and iron Cashmere items. The wool workers' advice

The selection of Lanaioli Cashmere yarns

Lanaioli has selected the best 100% Cashmere yarns for its Customers and, aware of the need for eco-sustainable choices, Regenerated Cashmere yarns.

In both cases, the utmost care and foresight in handling a Cashmere garment is essential to maintain the characteristics that distinguish it unaltered over time and make it practically eternal.

How to wash Cashmere without ruining our clothes?

First of all, washing pure garments Cashmere: this must be carried out exclusively cold (maximum in lukewarm water at 30° C) and strictly preferring washing by hand rather than in the washing machine. 

For washing operations it is always recommended to use a neutral liquid soap, even better if explicitly designed for washing clothes Cashmere.

It should also be avoided to leave the garment to soak for a long time (between 15 and 20 minutes is more than enough) and usually it should not be wrung out, or at least always do it with maximum delicacy so that it can then be rinsed carefully.

Although it is not advisable to wash it in the washing machine, it is possible by keeping the spin speed very low and using specific programs for wool.

How to dry our Cashmere garments?

To dry the Cashmere it is recommended not to dry it out or hang it on drying racks or wires like other items, but preferably position it on a horizontal surface avoiding direct sunlight or other heat sources.

Can a Cashmere sweater be ironed?

The leaders in Cashmere they should always be ironed inside out so as not to ruin them and qWhen dry, remove any pilling with a dampened hard brush.

The formation of dots on Cashmere, how to eliminate them?

Speaking of pilling, let's delve deeper into this particular process that leads to the formation of small pellets of fibers called "pills".

This process cannot be prevented and has nothing to do with the quality of a product. What happens naturally is that the finest strands of yarn come loose, rub against each other and form these little balls.

After a few washes, the excess pilling will be dispersed to make room for the "heart" of the fibre. The excess fiber can be removed with the help of a soft brush or with the appropriate comb cashmere.

Keep the Cashmere protected from moths in the wardrobe

Like all fine wool garments, the Cashmere they fear moths and for this reason it is recommended to store them in the wardrobe, protecting them with special storage bags (perhaps in cotton), avoiding celofan or, even worse, hanging them. To prevent irreparable damage, use lavender-based anti-moth products or other similar preparations that can easily be found on the market.