Come faccio a capire se è vero Cashmere? 5 consigli per scegliere il migliore - Lanaioli

How can I tell if it's real Cashmere? 5 tips for choosing the best one

The autumn season is upon us and brings with it winter which leads us, with the first cold weather, to make the first purchases to cover ourselves in the cold days that await us.

Cashmere is certainly one of the best choices because it gives great thermal comfort while maintaining an unparalleled fineness of the shirt.

But how can I tell if it's real Cashmere? We have selected the best advice that also appeared in the magazine Life & Style "Esquire" for our readers.

1) The first tip is to check the length of the fibers. The cashmere the most valuable comes from the goat's undercoat, called duvet, which is the softest to the touch. The fibers of cashmere duvets are longer, which is why the finest cashmere sweaters have longer threads. This is an important factor to consider when choosing your winter companion. Therefore, pay attention to the label which shows exactly the composition of your shirt, we at Lanaioli always indicate correctly in our communication to the Customer even when it comes to Puro Cashmere or if it is Regenerated Cashmere or even if it is a shirt made with a mix of Cashmere, Seta e Lana Merino.

Come faccio a capire se è vero cashmere?

2) The second tip is to perform the seam test. This is another way to check the quality of cashmere fibers. To test the seam, pull the two sides of the sweater in opposite directions. If the sweater returns to its original shape, then you can be sure of its quality. Lanaioli relies only on Italian woolen mills with proven experience and quality who, thanks to the reliability of their brand, can guarantee an excellent raw material for the manufacturing of our garments.

3) The third tip is to control the number of layers of thread. The sweaters in cashmere they usually have one or two layers of interwoven threads. Sometimes the weave is so thick that it is not immediately visible, in this case you must also check the label. We recommend purchasing sweaters with two layers of woven yarn like the ones we produce because unlike the single thread ones they give a sense of greater consistency and softness when worn. Single-thread sweaters, on the other hand, are very thin and can feel less comfortable on you.

Come faccio a riconoscere il vero cashmere?

4) The fourth tip is to touch and feel the fabric to determine its quality and check the label to see if it is 100% cashmere O mixed. Many brands use mixed fibers to make their sweaters softer, but obviously they are not pure cashmere. Nothing to object to, the garments will still be of excellent workmanship, like our merino wool, silk and cashmere blend sweaters, but obviously it is not 100% pure cashmerand this also impacts the final cost of the product, which will certainly be lower.

Cashmere rigenerato

5) The fifth tip suggests that sweaters regenerated cashmere they can be a more convenient option for those who don't want to spend a lot of money on a new one, while still wearing a garment that is made of cashmere and also comes from a circular economy supply chain, such as those proposed in our sustainability-conscious collection.