Collezione Primavera Lanaioli: la combinazione perfetta tra cashmere, lana merino e seta - Lanaioli

Lanaioli Spring Collection: the perfect combination of cashmere, merino wool and silk

 What makes Lanaioli's spring collection special?

The answer is the type of yarn that was used to make it: a perfect mix of cashmere, extrafine merino wool and silk.

The properties of the three yarns combined together give the sweaters unique characteristics:

- merino wool does not irritate the skin, insulates well from both heat and cold, does not give off bad smells, absorbs humidity without getting wet, does not deform or crease, keeps you fresh through a breathable action, has no electrostatic charge ;

- silk gives the garment shine, a brilliant appearance and resistance;

- cashmere is thermoregulatory and heat-insulating and gives extreme softness to the sweater.

The final result is a light, soft, resistant, shiny garment, ideal for those who do not want to give up the luxury and quality of cashmere, choosing an extremely versatile garment.

The sweaters from the Lanaioli spring collection can be worn with a casual outfit combined with jeans or more sporty trousers; or for a more formal and elegant context with a jacket/trousers suit.

The comfort of Cashmere Lanaioli even in summer

The versatility, practicality, comfort and elegance of cashmere, wool and silk sweaters thus become "must haves" of the spring season for the man who does not want to be caught unprepared in the face of the typical sudden changes in temperature of this season characterized by extreme variability.

Like all Lanaioli garments, those from the spring collection are also synonymous with craftsmanship and quality made in Italy.