Che differenza c'è tra maglia calata e maglia tagliata?

What is the difference between dropped stitch and cut stitch?

Knitting is an ancient and refined art, which requires skill, creativity and passion.

Those who love wearing knitted garments know how to appreciate the softness, warmth and comfort they offer.

But not all knitted garments are the same: there are in fact different types of processing, which influence the quality, wearability and aesthetics of the products.

In this article we want to illustrate the differences between two of the main knitting techniques: the cut stitch and the dropped stitch.

What is a cut shirt?

Cut knitting is a technique that involves cutting all parts of a pattern from a single piece of knitted fabric. The various pieces are then assembled using a special machine called an overlock.

This working method is simpler and faster, but has some disadvantages, including for example:

  • the cut knitwear item is less adherent to the body
  • the seams are more visible and less resistant
  • Finally, due to the technique which involves cutting and sewing pieces of knitted fabric together, fabric waste is produced which must be disposed of.

Cut knitwear is often used to make garments intended for the Fast Fashion market, where consumers follow current fashions. Furthermore, they are items that on average do not require great attention to detail on the part of those who purchase them and therefore satisfy this type of need.

What is a dropped shirt?

The dropped stitch, on the other hand, is a more sophisticated and artisanal technique, which requires greater expertise on the part of those who produce it.

Ldropped stitch consists of creating curvatures and turns in the weft, lowering the machine needles (basically lowering them), to obtain the desired shapes.

For example, you can lower the needles of the linear knitting machine to create sweater components such as the neck or armhole.

This method, although more complex, has many benefits:

  • the garment appears more harmonious and functional
  • the seams are cleaner and more precise
  • there is no waste of material.
  • the knitwear item is decidedly more beautiful and refined to look at


The dropped knit is often used to create classic garments, which offer a superior fit and a touch of sophistication, thanks to the artisanal care in their production.


Lanaioli knitwear

In conclusion, we can say that the cut stitch and the dropped stitch are two different techniques, which adapt to different needs and tastes.

Cropped mesh is cheaper and more practical, but less durable and refined. The dropped shirt is more expensive and laborious, but more comfortable and elegant.

The choice depends on the type of garment you want to create and the audience you want to address.

We wool workers prefer the dropped knit which is the technique that our artisans use most for particularly valuable productions such as 100% sweaters men's cashmere from our collection.

Also many heads of the production of pure cashmere sweaters for women they are produced with the dropped knit technique, for greater refinement and class for the wearer.