Che cos'è la lana? E la lana merino?

What is wool? And merino wool?

Wool is one natural fiber exceptional, it is produced all over the world and there are more than 1000 breeds of producing sheep. 

Pecore da lana merino

But what are the characteristics of wool? We have selected 5 for you, from the site Woolmark Company.

1) Wool is biodegradable and easily renewable, because it grows naturally on the bodies of sheep and can be harvested without harming the animals. Furthermore, once cut it grows back spontaneously, just like our hair!

2) Wool is versatile: it can be used pure or mixed with other natural or synthetic fibres, adapting to different uses (clothes, furnishing textiles...). We chose to mix it with the cashmere is ready to give even more softness and shine to our garments.

3) La lana regulates humidity and body temperature: absorbs water vapor when there is high humidity and releases it when the climate is dry; wool is a natural insulator against cold and heat. All this contributes to the comfort and well-being of the wearer.

4) Wool is resistant to staines, did you know that? Water-based stains are not absorbed and can be removed more easily. This means less washing and a profit for the environment and your wallet.

5) Wool is fIREPROOF and protects from UV rays, harmful to the skin.

And the work merino? Where is he from?
Merino wool is produced by a particular breed of sheep, the Merino sheep which are bred mainly in Australia, New Zealand and China.

Merino wool is the favorite fiber of the fashion industry, both for high quality clothes and for underwear due to its natural characteristic of being very thin (extrafine), just like ours men's polo shirt.