Cashmere Roma: apre il negozio di maglieria sostenibile

Cashmere Roma: the sustainable knitwear shop opens

Starting from December 2023, there will be a new Cashmere brand in Rome and it will be possible to purchase Cashmere Lanaioli knitwear items. The leading Italian brand in the production of cashmere sweaters that combines quality, elegance and respect for the environment.

Cashmere has always been the best yarn for maintaining body temperature constant and achieving maximum comfort both in winter and in mid-season.

The new shop, located in a central area of ​​the capital, will offer a vast range of products made with natural and fine yarns, following the principles of slow fashion.

Cashmere Lanaioli is a start-up born in 2023 with the aim of enhancing Italian wool and creating luxury, accessible and long-lasting clothing items. The brand's philosophy is based on these strengths:

Lanaioli therefore presents itself as an ethical and responsible alternative to fast and disposable fashion, offering customers high-quality knitwear.


Lanaioli Cashmere Roma
Lanaioli Cashmere Roma

Cashmere sweaters in Rome Center

From December, regenerated cashmere sweaters from Lanaioli productions will be available in Rome in a store right in the center of the city's shopping streets.

The brand offers a collection of clothing in cashmere and other natural yarns for men and a cashmere collection for women. These are Made in Italy Cashmere productions with a timeless style, garments that will be a must-have for those who know how to choose quality.

The new eco cashmere shop in Rome will be an opportunity to get to know the brand and its values ​​up close, and to choose your favorite sweater from the various models.

Among the various colors and patterns available, the shop wants to propose its vision of a circular economy, attention to the raw material, but also to let you touch pure cashmere.

Lanaioli with its Cashmere garments awaits you in December 2023 to help you discover the charm of sustainable knitwear, including natural fibres, regenerated yarn and virgin cashmere.