Cashmere Rigenerato Lanaioli: la frontiera del lusso sostenibile - Lanaioli

Lanaioli Regenerated Cashmere: the frontier of sustainable luxury

We are certainly not the first to have embraced the idea of ​​being able to produce and market garments in Cashmere coming from a circular economy supply chain. This means treating waste as a "secondary raw material", even in the high fashion sector.

A line of Woolioli garments entirely in Regenerated Cashmere

In Regenerated Cashmere we have created a first line of knitwear items which have met with some success in the latest presentations to the public: the mentality and culture of consumers has certainly been changing in recent years.

Where Regenerated Cashmere comes from

Probably many of us have already worn, without being aware of it, woolen clothes or regenerated cashmere. This is because to date no regulation obliges the manufacturer to specify on the tag whether the fibers he used to make that garment are regenerated or recycled.

It is also possible that until a few years ago we were talking about Regenerated Cashmere or recycled could even be of little qualification, being the queen of all fibers and intended for an audience of refined consumers attentive to quality.

In fact, once upon a time, anyone who recovered used clothes in the production cycle was derogatorily called "cenciaiolo" (from cencio, i.e. rag).

Until recently, recycling garments Cashmere discarded or advanced yarns was not seen as an ecological choice, but rather as a necessity due to the high costs of virgin yarns.

Sustainability in the Fashion sector thanks to Regenerated Cashmere

Consumers who loveHigh quality of artisanal manufacturing productions, such as those proposed by Lanaioli, are increasingly attentive to the topic of Sustainability. They are also interested in understanding the environmental impact linked to clothing, considering the long supply chains in this sector and the consequences for the ecosystem.

Maglione in cashmere rigenerato o riciclato

It was talked about in a interesting article in a newspaper which deals with companies and the economy, Portale Impresa, which has also spoken about us in the past.

Regenerated Cashmere for Sustainable Luxury

Modern ecological sensitivity has elevated waste (including textile waste) to "secondary raw materials" and this allows us to continue straight towards our project of Sustainable Luxury in the Fashion sector. We will continue to successfully offer garments in Regenerated Cashmere, produced with the same attention and care that we put into all our creations.

Short supply chains for virgin yarns: Lanaioli project for zero-mile Merino wool

The next step can only be to manage increasingly shorter supply chains even for virgin yarns. For this reason we are promoting the reactivation of a breeding farm of endangered Italian wool breeds, for a 0km wool supply chain.