Cashmere e Cashmere Rigenerato quali differenze? - Lanaioli

What are the differences between Cashmere and Regenerated Cashmere?

What is cashmere?  

The cashmere It is considered the best natural fiber to wear due to its limited production and high demand.

It is obtained from the undercoat of the goat goat, which lives mainly in the Kashmir region.

Capra Hircus Cashmere

The special characteristics of this fiber only develop here. This is due to the Alpine climate, which has large temperature changes during the day and rain at night at low temperatures. These conditions cannot be found anywhere else.

What are the advantages of cashmere?

The advantages of cashmere They are numerous and the main ones are:

- It makes it possible to maintain a constant body temperature, helping to maintain heat in winter and to keep the wearer feeling cool during the summer.

- It is hypoallergenic and therefore when in contact with the skin it does not irritate it, rather it cuddles it in a warm and soft embrace.

- It absorbs sweat and humidity, making it breathable, which is why it is a garment suitable for the rigors of winter, but can also be worn in Spring and Autumn.

Benefits of wearing cashmere

Are there any disadvantages to choosing a cashmere garment?

The disadvantages include the limited availability of cashmere. To produce 100/200 g of virgin cashmere, the entire fleece of an entire goat is needed.

This production harms the environment because only Kashmir can produce little fiber and the increase in herds has reduced natural resources, increasing the market value.

What is Regenerated Cashmere?

The regenerated cashmere it is obtained by recovering and selecting waste fabrics or clothing to transform them into regenerated yarns.

The material is subjected to manual sorting to remove impurities that are not 100% cashmere.

It is then chopped into small pieces to obtain a veil of cashmere through carding before being twisted into new yarns.

regenerated cashmere carding

What are the advantages of Regenerated Cashmere?


The advantages illustrated here by wearing a Cashmere garment made with virgin yarn are the same as those made with Regenerated Cashmere. In fact, only the production method changes, not the yarn.

The process reduces energy, water and chemical consumption, producing a product with qualities similar to virgin cashmere.

This production method reduces consumption, including a 90% reduction in water, 80% electricity and 95% carbon dioxide.

Our regenerated Cashmere products are just as comfortable as those in pure Cashmere, but in addition they are also sustainable, thus following the principles of the circular economy.

How are Lanaioli Regenerated Cashmere products made?

  1. I our products they are made in Italy with regenerated cashmere from local companies that share our values ​​and guarantee quality yarns.Lanaioli Cashmere Rigenerato

Local production allows us to better control the quality of the product we offer, to establish relationships of trust with our suppliers and to offer a product of unique quality at an affordable price.

This choice helps us avoid the long ship journeys typical of the Cashmere supply chain, which arrives from abroad.

At the same time, by reducing CO2 emissions, we support the work of local companies and Made in Italy by purchasing the yarn, once regenerated, directly from them.