Produzioni dal Basso e Lanaioli: puoi contribuire anche tu al nostro progetto di Moda Sostenibile

Produzioni dal Basso and Lanaioli: you too can contribute to our Sustainable Fashion project

Lanaioli: the green project to create sustainable luxury fashion for everyone

Lanaioli is an Italian start-up that aims to revolutionize the knitwear sector with artisanal, sustainable and high-quality production.

The name Lanaioli recalls the ancient corporation of the Arte della Lana, which in the Middle Ages made Florence famous throughout Europe for its textile production.

Today, the new wool makers want to take up that tradition and innovate it with the use of fine yarns such as cashmere, merino wool and silk, coming from Italian wool mills and worked by local artisans.

The Lanaioli project has a strong ecological vocation, as it also uses regenerated yarn, obtained from the recycling of used garments or processing waste, which reduces the consumption of raw materials and energy consumption. In this way, Lanaioli contributes to creating sustainable luxury fashion, accessible to all and respectful of the environment.

To make his dream come true, Lanaioli launched a crowdfunding campaign on the “Produzioni dal basso” platform, which can be reached from this link  .

The campaign aims to raise 30,000 euros by 2024, in order to start the production and sale of its first line of regenerated cashmere garments, after the success of the first samples presented on our website in the last autumn season - winter. 

Anyone who supports the project with a donation will receive a prize in exchange, according to the criteria described in this link .

The prizes for our contributors range from a scarf or other cashmere accessories, to a pure cashmere sweater for men or women and even other knitwear made from natural yarns such as merino wool and silk.

Supporting the Lanaioli project means believing in an innovative and responsible vision of fashion, which enhances Made in Italy, quality, sustainability and beauty.

If you also want to be part of this adventure, don't waste time and make your donation now!