L'enigma del golf: dallo sport al maglione

The Golf Enigma: From Sport to Sweater


Why can a sweater be called Golf? 

In the world of fashion, we often come across intriguing and fascinating terms that give rise to unique clothing items. One such puzzle is represented by the term "golf" O "golfino" used to describe certain types of sweaters. But where does this mysterious name come from? In this article, we will explore the origin of this word and its evolution in the context of fashion.

Definition of golf

The definition of Golf from the dictionary Treccani is "long-sleeved garment of wool or other fibres". For example a golf course work, a golf of angora, a golf of cashmere.

Origin of the Term "Golf" or "Golfino"

The origin of the word "golf" or "golfino" in relation to a type of sweater dates back to centuries-old traditions. In the 19th century, in England and Scotland, golf course keepers, known as "golfers", wore sweaters turtleneck to protect you from the cold during days spent outdoors.

These sturdy, snug sweaters, worn by golf course keepers, have caught the attention of the fashion world. As these sweaters became widespread, the term "golf" was adopted to describe this particular style of turtleneck sweater that combined classic elegance with sporting practicality.

Evolution of the Concept

As time passed, the term "golf" acquired a broader connotation, extending to a wide range of turtleneck sweaters, often characterized by a clean and versatile design. The versatility of the golf sweater has made it suitable for various occasions, both casual and formal, contributing to its lasting popularity.

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Today, the "golf" or "golfino" has become a common term to refer to sweaters of various kinds, always maintaining a link with elegance and practicality. These knitwear items are prized for their ability to provide comfort and style, making them a favorite choice in many fashion collections.