Lana anche d'estate: alla scoperta di un termoregolatore naturale

Wool even in summer: discovering a natural thermoregulator

The wool is an extraordinary material that offers multiple benefits, including its ability to act as a natural thermoregulator.

In this article, we will explore how wool, in particular merino wool, can be used to create comfortable garments suitable for all seasons, such as our beautiful extrafine merino wool polo shirts or mixed with silk such as our elegant wool sleeveless vest and silk .

Wool as a Natural Thermoregulator

  1. Thermal Insulation: Wool is known for its thermal insulation ability. Its fibers capture the air, creating a protective layer that retains body heat during the colder months. At the same time, wool allows the body to breathe, preventing overheating.

  2. Breathability: Contrary to what you might think, wool is highly breathable. Its fibers absorb moisture from the skin and release it into the surrounding air. This process helps keep the body dry and cool even during hot days.

  3. Moisture Regulation: Merino wool has a unique structure that allows it to absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet. This feature is especially useful in summer, when sweat can be annoying.

  4. Odor Resistance: Merino wool has natural antibacterial properties that prevent the growth of bacteria responsible for unpleasant odors. As a result, wool garments can be worn for days without accumulating unpleasant odors.

  5. Temperature Adaptability: Thanks to its ability to regulate body temperature, merino wool is suitable for both cold winters and hot summers. You can wear a merino wool sweater on a cool summer evening or use a light layer as a base under heavier clothing in the winter months.

Sustainability and Environmental Benefits

Wool is a natural and renewable fibre, mainly sourced from merino sheep . Its production does not require synthetic or chemical resources that are harmful to the environment. Additionally, grazing animals, such as sheep, contribute to soil health and atmospheric carbon sequestration .

In conclusion, merino wool garments are a smart choice for those looking for comfort, versatility and sustainability. Whether you're braving the cold of winter or looking for lightweight clothing for summer days, merino wool will keep you comfortable.