La mitica "Polo"

The legendary "Polo"

The polo, a timeless item of clothing, has a fascinating history that is intertwined with fashion, sport and elegance.

Let's sit back and discover together how this iconic t-shirt has become a symbol of style.

The Origins of Polo

The history of the polo shirt begins in the 19th century thanks to Henry Sands Brooks, founder of the brand Brooks Brothers. In 1818, Brooks opened a clothing store in Manhattan with the goal of selling high-quality products at a fair price. It was he who introduced the polo to the world of fashion.

But where does the name “polo” come from? The answer brings us to the playing field: polo players wore a traditional cotton shirt with a buttoned collar and long sleeves.

John Brooks, inspired by this style, applied the collar to his shirt, thus creating the "polo shirt". This garment initially remained linked to sport, in particular tennis.

The Evolution of Polo

In the 1920s, tennis player René Lacoste revolutionized the polo. He designed a new t-shirt, more comfortable and functional, and was the first to wear it in 1926 . Lacoste, also known for his love of the crocodile, marketed his polo shirts with the famous symbol. From here the famous "Lacoste polo shirts" were born.

Another great tennis player, Fred Perry, created his own version of polo, helping to spread it more and more. In 1972Ralph Lauren launched his own fashion line called “Polo”, making the even more famous boss.

Polo in the World of Fashion

The polo shirt transformed from an exclusively sporting item to a style icon. Celebrities, artists and politicians wore the polo, making it a personal brand.

Its versatility made it suitable for any occasion: from the tennis court to elegant parties.

Polo Today

Today, the polo shirt continues to be a must-have in the wardrobe of men and women. It is synonymous with casual elegance, perfect for those who want to show off a refined style without sacrificing comfort. Variations in natural yarns, such as merino wool , offer warmth, breathability and sustainability.

Like the Lanaioli Polo Shirt in Merino Wool, which thanks to its composition in 100% Extrafine Merino Wool, a natural yarn , guarantees thermoregulation and unparalleled comfort.

In conclusion, the history of the polo is a journey through fashion, sport and the evolution of tastes. Wearing it means carrying with you a piece of history and timeless style. 🐎👕