Gli Artigiani Lanaioli: il laboratorio di Maria Grazia

The Wool Craftsmen: Maria Grazia's workshop

We want to give space in these pages of our blog to the people who work behind the scenes with dedication and professionalism on the design and creation of our beautiful knitwear items.

In this article we present Maria Grazia, who carries on the tradition of his parents, who founded their knitwear workshop in Piacenza in the 1970s.

Lanaioli has chosen the seriousness and competence of a partner determined to continue working with the quality that distinguishes artisanally made products and embraces our choice to create knitwear items only with selected yarns.

Each garment is conceived and designed by Maria Grazia to be in line with current style and trends and the finished product represents a sartorial work that guarantees maximum comfort and wearability, in perfect harmony with the Lanaioli vision.

Progettazione maglieria

Maria Grazia shares with us the care in choosing the yarns, in fact we select together the raw materials used, which are carefully chosen and are always of excellent workmanship, to guarantee an unparalleled result when wearing a Lanaioli knitwear item.

Filati Maglieria

Each yarn is worked with artisanal looms, which are used to perfectly create different types of weaves, perfect designs and textures, to give life to fabrics of every type, color and pattern.

In Maria Grazia's laboratory each sheet is cut and sewn following the starting model.

Macchina rimagliatrice

The workmanship is carried out strictly by hand to guarantee an excellent fit and give each garment a sartorial touch.

Each freshly sewn garment undergoes a finishing phase, carried out rigorously by hand, during which the collar, buttons, cuffs and other details are applied.

Dettagli maglieria taglia e cuci

Each product can be defined as "finished and ready" only and exclusively after having passed a thorough inspection phase, carried out item by item, using the "luminous mannequin". A final quality control essential to be able to return a perfect product to our customers.

Stiratura Maglieria

The finished garment then undergoes a double ironing process, carried out with a steam machine and traditional iron, before being packaged and made available for sale online and in our physical stores.