Evento inaugurale Lanaioli Roma: un successo annunciato

Inaugural event Lanaioli Rome: an announced success

The official inauguration event of the store in the capital was held on 6 December at our Temporary Shop in Via Belsiana 92 ​​in Rome.

With a drink in our hands we talked to the dozens of people who visited us about our business project and made them experience first-hand the values ​​we want to convey to our public through the garments we produce and market.

In this post we want to sincerely thank the guests who honored us with their presence and for the interest shown in our business project.

The words of encouragement received, the first purchases of our garments, so much appreciated also in Rome, the interest in the circular economy in the Fashion sector and our ambitious Made in Italy short supply chain program have aroused emotions and new stimuli in the continue in this challenge.

We thank Benedetta who helped us in organizing this fantastic and successful event and Tamara who provided us with hospitality and a location enriched with precious works of art and special installations.

The day ended with the completion of the work of the girls from Florence who are carrying out a university exam project with the Lanaioli brand, Ilaria Ceccherini and Alice Periccioli, who are following us from our artisan workshops until the opening of the stores.

Finally, thanks to the journalists and photographers present on behalf of the various local and national media who came to tell and document our project.

A day full of satisfaction and full of emotions that we will not forget and that we want to replicate every day we are in Rome from 7 to 17 December 2023 with all those who follow us.

We are waiting for you!

Lanaioli Roma