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How to match a men's waistcoat: outfit tips

How to match a men's vest?

The waistcoat is a knitwear item that can complete both elegant and informal looks by adding a touch of originality or elegance depending on the occasion.

Men's vest: characteristics

A vest is a sleeveless shirt worn over a shirt or t-shirt. It usually has a front closure with buttons or zip, but there are also models without closure.

It is often worn as part of a formal or semi-formal outfit to add warmth and style to the look.

The vest can be made of various natural fabrics, including woolcashmere, cotton, or synthetic fabrics.

Common outfits include pairing with a dress shirt, tie and trousers for a formal look, or with a t-shirt and jeans for a more casual look.

Cashmere and Silk: luxury and versatility in a single garment

The cashmere and the silk are two fabrics renowned for their softness, lightness and luxurious feel on the skin. When combined in garments such as the vest, they create an experience of wearing an item of clothing that combines unparalleled elegance and comfort.

 Timeless versatility

Whether it's a 100% cashmere zip-up vest or a cashmere and silk blend vest with buttons , these pieces are incredibly versatile. They can be worn with formal clothes to create an elegant office look or paired with jeans and a t-shirt for a casual chic outfit. During the transitional seasons, they are perfect to wear alone or under a coat for an extra touch of warmth and style.

Outfit ideas

  1. Formal Look: A pure cashmere zip-up vest worn over a white shirt, dress trousers and loafers. A cashmere and silk blend vest combined with an elegant dress and elegant shoes becomes an under jacket that completes your outfit with a touch of class.
  2. Casual Elegant: A zip-up cashmere vest paired with a striped shirt, chinos and ankle boots.
  3. Relaxed: A cashmere and silk blend button-up vest worn over a white t-shirt, jeans and sneakers.