Chi ha introdotto la polo nel tennis?

Who introduced polo to tennis?

The polo revolution in tennis

For athletes, clothing is essential for high performance. In the world of tennis, a game that requires agility, speed and movement, athlete clothing was not always as we know it today. One of the most significant changes was the introduction of the polo t-shirt, a turning point that revolutionized not only the way tennis players dress, but also the aesthetics of the game itself.

Who had the idea of ​​using the polo in tennis?

Before the 20th century, tennis players usually wore long-sleeved shirts, often buttoned to the neck, which offered full coverage but limited freedom of movement. However, it was in the 1920s that a French tennis player named René Lacoste, famous for his aggressive playing style and determination, introduced an innovation in tennis clothing.

René Lacoste, nicknamed "the crocodile" for his tenacity on the court, as well described in the Vogue article, was an innovator both on and off the tennis court. In 1926, together with his friend André Gillier, Lacoste presented the world of tennis with a revolution in sportswear: the polo shirt. Featuring a fold-over collar and button front, this piece offered a cool, functional alternative to traditional shirts.

Lacoste's idea was simple but ingenious: replace bulky shirts with a lighter, closer-fitting shirt that allowed players to move freely on the pitch. The polo shirt not only offered greater comfort during the game, but also gave a more elegant and modern look to tennis players. The stand-up collar added a touch of class, while the buttons on the front allowed for a custom adjustment of the neck.

The polo quickly became popular among professional and amateur players, transforming the way tennis was perceived and played. In addition to its functionality on the court, the polo shirt became a style icon, symbolizing the elegance and sophistication associated with tennis.

The polo today

Today, the polo t-shirt is an item of clothing worn not only in tennis, but also in many other sporting activities and in everyday life, becoming an icon for many brands. A polo shirt, in fact, can be worn on any occasion, both for casual outfits and for more formal occasions, becoming a must have for every man and woman. There are numerous types of polo shirts on the market, produced with different styles and fabrics. 

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The introduction of the polo shirt into the world of tennis represents a significant moment in the history of sport and fashion. Thanks to René Lacoste's innovative vision, this piece of knitwear has become a symbol of functionality, elegance and timeless style, continuing to inspire generations of athletes and fashion enthusiasts.