Caratteristiche, vantaggi e benefici della Lana Merino

Characteristics, advantages and benefits of Merino Wool

Merino wool is a natural fiber of animal origin, obtained from the shearing of merino sheep, originally from Spain but now bred all over the world, especially in Australia and New Zealand. It is a fine wool, appreciated for its qualities of softness, fineness, elasticity and thermoregulation.

Characteristics of Merino Wool

But what are the characteristics that make merino wool so special and why is wearing a merino wool sweater an advantageous and beneficial choice?

Merino wool has a particular structure, made up of very thin fibers (less than 19.5 microns in diameter) and strongly curled (about 12 curls per centimetre). This conformation gives it a series of unique properties, including:

- **Thermoregulation**

merino wool is able to keep body temperature constant, insulating from cold and heat. In fact, the curled fibers create air chambers that trap heat and release it based on climate variations. Furthermore, merino wool is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture (up to 30% of its weight) and transports it to the outside, promoting breathability and comfort.

- **Softness**

merino wool is very soft and delicate on the skin, it does not cause irritation, itching or allergies. On the contrary, it has a soothing and protective effect, thanks to the presence of lanolin, a fatty substance that has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties.

- **Elasticity**

merino wool is very elastic and resistant, it does not deform or shrink when washed. Indeed, it tends to return to its original shape after being stretched or folded. This makes it suitable for creating garments that adapt perfectly to the body, without constricting it or limiting its movements.

- **Versatility**

merino wool is a versatile fibre, which can be worked in different ways, depending on the result you want to obtain. You can create yarns that are more or less fine, more or less thick, more or less soft, more or less warm. They can also be mixed with other fibres, natural or synthetic, to obtain different effects. Merino wool can be easily dyed, taking on bright and long-lasting colors.

Advantages and benefits when you wear a merino wool garment 

Wearing a merino wool sweater, therefore, entails numerous advantages and benefits, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

A merino wool sweater is an elegant and refined garment, which easily matches different styles and occasions.

It is a comfortable and practical garment, which can be worn in all seasons, without suffering from either the cold or the heat.

It is a healthy and natural garment, which respects the skin and the environment, without requiring particular care or treatments. In short, a merino wool sweater is a garment that cannot be missing from the wardrobe of those who love quality, beauty and well-being.

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